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Christmas Pamper packages

1st)  Prepare for a festive season  with a wonderful relaxing foot soak and exfoliation followed by beautiful Gel nails on hands and feet Finally a mini facial  to complete the picture.

£45.00 (usually £63.00)

2nd)   Beauty package  – Eyebrow wax,  plus brow and lash tint for a beautiful defined face. £18.00

3rd)  Beauty package  –  Express facial plus eyebrow tint and threading  £18.00

4th) Beauty waxing package  –  Half leg wax plus Bikini wax and  one facial area wax  £18.00

1)  Shiatsu – Winter preparation  £25.00

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine describes that   ‘In winter all is hidden. Winter is the season of retirement into depth, because of the cold outside.

The expression ‘bone cold’ resonates here as the bones correspond to this season and element. The knees and lower back which come under the Kidney organ system can be particularly vulnerable, use ‘kidney warmers’ to keep the lower torso area well covered, warm and protected during winter months.

Enjoy a 45 minute shiatsu treatment concentrating on the Bladder and Kidney elements to support you through the cold season.

2)  Reflexology 30 min plus Back Massage 30 min for just £28.00

The best of both worlds.  Release built up tension in your neck and shoulders. Complete the experience with feet that feel fresh and ready for the future.

3) Luxury Hot Stone Body Massage inc. Hands, feet and face Reflex points ……….90 min £39.50 (instead of £52.00)

Luxury Massage – 90 minutes – Full body massage to include hands, face and feet reflex points.
A complete relaxation with Specialist oils (Vegan and animal cruelty free), Himalayan Rock salt hot stones and Ayurvedic Kansa wand.

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